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My professional interests are in the fundamental societal issues, such as extreme income inequality and its causes, from which substance abuse, health disparities, and other troubling manifestations arise.

My personal interests align with my professional interests and additionally include statistical and causal inference, music, the free sharing of intellectual information (e.g., OSS), the history of computer hardware and software, privacy, the Oxford comma, and dachshunds!

My cv is linked at the top, you can leave a question or comment at the bottom, and this is a remarkably accurate ASCII rendition of my dog...
                  ,`                 ," c`--o
                 ((                 (  | __,'
                  \\~--------------' \_;/
                  (                    /
                  /) ._____________.  )
                 (( (    `        (( (               _ 
                  ``-'  charlie    ``-'             (_) 

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